Meeting Called to Order:  By Kenny Tomlinson at 4:30 pm.  Members Present:  Kenny Tomlinson, Jimmy Cunningham, Beryl Davis, Donnie Smith, Billy Thompson, and Randy Massey.  Minutes: 

Motion by Beryl Davis and seconded by Billy Thompson to approve minutes of November 14, 2012 meeting Approved 5-0.  Financial Statement:  deferred to December meeting. 

Old Business:  None. 

New Business:  1)  January 2013 annual meeting is set for January 17, 2013 and invitations will be mailed on January 2.  2)  Motion by Beryl Davis and seconded by Donnie Smith to complete the renovation of the sign with course rulse and re-erect same.  Approved 5-0.  3)  Motion by Beryl Davis and seconded by Randy Massey to amend the By-laws pertaining to cart shed ownership by non-members to note that personal property not removed by previous owners will be disposed of by the Club if necessary.  That pursuant to the By-Laws and if necessary, the Club will sell sheds owned by non-members after 6 months of non-membership.  Any personal property remaining in the sheds at such time will be disposed of as the Club sees fit.  Such action could include destruction of any property the Club deems to be of insignificant value or sale of items of value.  Where possible, any proceeds of sales will go to the previous owners, along with proceeds of he sale of the shed.  The Club reserves the right to determine the market value of both the shed and any items of value therein.  Approved 6-0.  Meeting adjourned on Motion by Billy Thompson and seconded by Beryl Davis.   Approved 5-0.

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