The first regular Board meeting for 2013 was called to order at 4:35 pm by outgoing Chairman, Kenny Tomlinson.   Those members present included Chairman Tomlinson, Donnie Smith, Beryl Davis, Billy Thompson, and new members Jim Crockett, Larry Hester, and Gayle Machetta. Also present was CPA Ken Baldwin. Outgoing members Jimmy Cunningham and Randy Massey were not present.

The first item of business was to elect new officers. By acclamation, they are Chairman, Donnie Smith, Vice Chairman, Beryl Davis, Secretary Gayle Machetta.
Kenny presented the Minutes of the previous board meeting on behalf of Randy Massed, and they were approved on a motion by Donnie Smith, seconded by Billy Thompson. Discussion of the financial report was moved to the latter part of the agenda. Kenny excused himself from the meeting at this point, and new Chairman Donnie Smith presided from this point forward.

Under old business, Donnie Smith presented an update on cart shed occupancy with sheds belonging to Colbert, Powell, Key, Muehlhausen, and Jennings still occupied by parties who are not members. On a motion by Billy Thompson, seconded by Gayle Machetta, a letter will be mailed to each owner requesting they clean out the sheds and allow the Club to sell them with proceeds to be sent to the prior owner upon liquidation. In the case of dual occupancy sheds, the existing occupant will have first right of refusal on the sale. The motion carried, and Donnie Smith will mail the letters.

Also under old business, Beryl reported the Rules of the Club have been posted on a new sign which will go up by the first tee box as soon as weather permits.

CPA Ken Baldwin presented the year-end financial report on the status of the Club. He updated the status on assessments paid during fall, 2013. There were 69 existing members subject to the assessment, and 54 members paid their bill, with 15 members electing not to pay the assessment. It is expected those 15 members will not be renewing membership, leaving the basis for this year at 54. There were 14 new members who paid during 2012 for their 2013 fees, and that $9,100 was set aside in savings to be spent in 2013.

Ken indicated that the current expenses, which have been reduced about as much as possible and still maintain the course would be covered with existing income through about 2/3 of the year. He strongly encouraged the board to consider increases in revenues in order to prevent a reoccurrence of last year’s need for assessment to complete the year. Without replacing the Greenskeeper and using strictly volunteer help for maintenance mowing/watering, we are still about $10,000 short for the year using current projections. Ken will work up a budget for the board to consider.

Also discussed was the possibility of requesting assistance from HEDA through the City for economic development purposes. Donnie will check with the City Manager and Chamber to see what help might be available. The members of the Board all agreed the course has been in great shape with the recovery of the greens and it is a viable attraction to assist with economic development. Our Club website is up and provides link to the City and Chamber, and Gayle Machetta will work with Bruce Jones to maintain the site as needed.

Additional new business included the approval of a new member, Billy Martin from Okmulgee on a motion by Jim Crockett with second by Larry Hester. A list of previous members from the last several years who are not current members was circulated and the board members were requested to contact any of those people they might know to encourage them to re-join the Club. Donnie noted that our previous attempts at advertising in the newspapers in both Henryetta and Okmulgee failed to produce new members, despite the actions in 2012 at the Okmulgee course with change in ownership to the Creek Nation. Word of mouth seems to provide the best results, and the board will consider any other opportunities throughout the year to increase our membership base.

With no further business, Beryl Davis moved for adjournment, with a second by Billy Thompson, motion carried, and the meeting was adjourned at 5:45 pm.

                                                                                Gayle Machetta - Board Secretary, Appr'd 2/13/13

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