The August regular Board meeting for 2014 was called to order at 4:30 pm by Chairman Beryl Davis. Members present were Chairman Davis, Jim Crockett, Larry Hester, and Gayle Machetta. Also present was Greens Campaign Chairman Donnie Smith. Bill Thompson was absent.

               Gayle presented the minutes for the previous meeting. On a motion by Jim, seconded by Larry, the minutes were then approved. Financials were presented and approved on a motion by Gayle and second by Jim. 

               Under Old Business, Greens Campaign Chairman Smith presented a report on the progress of the campaign. Balance in the greens account is $3,600 with all bills paid to date. The Glow-golf tournament raised a little over $750 and with donations in the jar on the counter, he was able to deposit $1,000 into the account to help with the one bill yet remaining from Eckroat and the loan of sand that is expected. 

                Donnie noted we are continuing our fund-raising efforts with the ladies steak nite dinners, the raffle of an assault rifle which was donated and the raffle of a round at Southern Hills in addition to the upcoming Glover Invitational tournament. 

               Greens Chairman, Jimmy Cunningham was unable to attend the meeting but had sent word through Beryl that the new greens would be open this coming Sunday, August 17. With consensus, the Board agreed to hold off publicity on the new greens opening until just before Labor Day weekend so that we might allow workers and existing members first chances to play on them. We also want to schedule the ribbon cutting with the Chamber for the latter part of that week to help with publicity. Gayle will coordinate with Kyle for the Clubhouse and the Chamber and press.

               Under new business, Gayle presented the information about the upcoming membership campaign with a proposed membership agreement and installment dues structure. There was much discussion including amending the agreement to reflect that it is a contract and collectible for unpaid amounts. Donnie also provided information about a company he has interviewed for potential contractual services to aid in collection of dues via bank AFT transactions. Beryl expressed some concern about this type of change being implemented without some input from members and suggested we table any action to allow each Board member to visit with members about this proposed change and if needed, a special meeting will be held to decide on the payment structure.

               Also under new business, Gayle presented an application packet to be submitted to the Henryetta Economic Development Authority for a $5,000 grant to replace the signage for the course, including the one located at Main St. and Lake Road and at Lake Road and Larch Road. On a motion by Gayle and second by Jim, the Board approved submission of the grant application with work to be coordinated through Billy Brown for construction if approved for the grant funds.

               There were no new member applications for consideration this month. There being further business, meeting adjourned at 5:25 pm.  

Respectfully submitted,

    Gayle Machetta, Board Secretary

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