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Board Meeting Minutes – November 12, 2014

               The November regular Board meeting for 2014 was called to order at 4:30 pm by Chairman Beryl Davis. Members present were Jim Crockett, Gayle Machetta and Bill Thompson by phone, acknowledging that a quorum was complete. Also present was Greens Campaign Chairman Donnie Smith. Larry Hester was absent.

               Gayle presented the minutes for the previous meeting. On a motion by Jim, seconded by Gayle, the minutes were then approved. On a motion by Gayle, seconded by Jim, the business conducted at the October meeting was ratified due to a previous lack of quorum with all voting in favor. Financials were presented and approved on a motion by Gayle and second by Jim. Gayle did note that we transferred money from savings to checking to pay expenses for the month now that fees are down with the shorter days and colder weather.

               As a report on membership, new application was presented for Rusty Gray. On a motion by Jim and second by Gayle, the application was approved and will be forwarded to the accountant’s office for inclusion in the permanent record.

               Under Old Business, Greens Campaign Chairman Smith presented a report on the progress of the campaign. There was considerable discussion over the purchase of greens tarps from the Trails as being ok for the emergent use this week, but they will not be a permanent use solution due to manpower needed to apply the tarps, staples needed to secure them, and they are in pieces and not enough of them to cover all the greens. Greens Chairman, Jimmy Cunningham has plans to visit two courses in Tulsa tomorrow that have custom greens covers that are manufactured in Ft. Smith, AR, to see how they are made and applied and see if they will meet our needs. He will obtain a cost estimate and work through Donnie to obtain suitable covers using our Greens Campaign fund and the line of credit if needed.

               Under Old Business, Gayle reported the note on the equipment is maturing and will need to have a principal reduction as well as an interest payment totaling about $1900 Beryl and Gayle will sign the extension with the bank and arrange for payment through Melissa Williams.

               As a matter of New Business, there was discussion about the need for a full-time Greenskeeper during the winter months, especially given the financial position of the club and the lack of mowing work for the next few months. On a motion by Gayle, seconded by Jim and approved by the Board, it was decided to terminate employment of Lynn effective with end of November. Beryl or Jim will visit with Lynn about his termination and final dates to work.

               There being further business, meeting adjourned at 5:35 pm.  

Respectfully submitted,

Gayle Machetta, Board Secretary

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