Henryetta Golf Club, Inc. Board Meeting Minutes – September 14, 2016

The September regular Board meeting for 2016 was called to order at 4:45 pm by Chairman Gary Carnes. Members present were Donnie Smith, Brandon Andrews, Dale Horn, and Chairman Carnes as well as Sec./Treas. Gayle Machetta. Members Zac Walker and Dutch Vandenborn were both absent.

Gayle presented the minutes for the previous meeting. On a motion by Donnie and seconded by Dale, they were approved as presented.

Financials for the month of August were presented and discussed, along with a budget analysis to date showing YTD profit and on target but below budget for greens fee income. Financials were approved on a motion by Brandon and second by Donnie. Under Old Business, Donnie reported the purchase of the greens mower, with donations contributed and paid against the loan at American Exchange Bank. Additional members have committed donations, and he is applying to principal on the note balance as received.

Under New Business, Clubhouse manager Butch Glover asked that the Board remove the option to pay for membership fees via credit card since he has to pay a transaction fee on the purchase which is not recouped from the club. Also clarified was that new members if paying by installment must be paid in full by December to take advantage of installment payments rather than extended over 6 or twelve months going forward. Gayle will rework the membership application as requested. Gayle presented new member applications for the following: Mark Bailey; Ronnie & Jeanie Brice; Steve Carroll and Kathy Brooks; Steven Brooks and Nicole Lazano; Bruce Caffaro; James & Jill Hill; Wm. Coy & Michelle Hunnicutt; Tim & Shelley LeBlanc; Shawn & Jentry Pye; Robert & Amber Sessions; and Brandon Wright. All were approved on a motion by Donnie, seconded by Brandon. Gayle will mail out the new member welcome packets with copies of bylaws and most recent newsletters.

Additional discussion was held about the possibility of a dues increase for next year with a decision to be made at next month’s meeting in order to plan for budgetary issues. Equipment plans will also be reviewed to see if we need to address other purchases for next year. There being further business, meeting adjourned at 5:35 pm.

Respectfully submitted, Gayle Machetta, Board Secretary

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