Henryetta Golf Club, Inc. Board Meeting Minutes – September 9, 2015

The Regular Board meeting for September was called to order at 4:30 by Chairman Jim Crockett. In attendance were Board Members, Larry Hester, Dutch Vandenborn, Donnie Smith, Gayle Machetta, Brandon Andrews and Chairman Crockett.

Gayle presented minutes from the August meeting which were approved as presented on a motion by Donnie Smith, seconded by Dutch Vandenborn.

The financial reports were presented and discussed at length. Given our lack of green fees during wet spring and summer, we have reduced expenses where we can and are working to push membership and green fees for remainder of season. Financials were approved on a motion by Dutch and seconded by Gayle.

New membership applications were presented on Dan Piatt and Steve Rainwater. Both were approved on a motion by Brandon and second by Dutch with unanimous consent. There was some discussion about the change in ownership of the Clubhouse management, with Kyle Hefner selling his interest to Ellis “Butch” Glover, contingent upon approval of the contract by this Board.

On a motion by Gayle, seconded by Donnie Smith, the contract was approved effective September 9, 2015. Donnie reminded the board members to push the Member-Guest tourney on the 26th, with the Mens’ Assn. providing burgers for lunch following the scramble. Gayle reminded everyone that Mr. Ken MacLeod with Golf Oklahoma was on site this date for a tour and story about our golf club to be featured in his magazine next month. There being further business, meeting adjourned at 5:00 pm.

Respectfully submitted, Gayle Machetta, Board Secretary

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